Monday, June 30, 2008

starting anew.

alright so here are some summer wishes and things i'd like to buy before school starts next year in an attempt to freshen up my style and redo my wardrobe.

note: those aren't the actual boots i'm getting but the style i'd like. Anyone know where i can get similar ones without exceeding $60 ?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

emily in rapid exposer

this post is focused on the number 2 - because i was noticing a trend ;P
so lets get started shall we?

2 random acts of kindness - okay so the first one isn't so random...or my own for that matter, but my mom did drive me all the way downtown yesterday which was awfully nice on her part. Although, it might've taken a minimal amount of begging, i finally ended up at our downtown art museum, which i've been pining for the last few months. But before that, we had to park, which brings me to my random act of kindness. when my mom went to put change in the meter she said she thought the time of the guy next to us had run out. i thought that fifty cents on my part would cause a lot less damage than if the guy were to recieve a fat fee. So i suggested we put more change in for him, and gave him 20 extra minutes to get back to his car.

2 new summer dresses - the first i ordered from pinkice for my end of the year celebration and got a really nice response from everyone there, the second one i fell in love with at forever 21 ... the belt which has been showing up in a lot of my outfits lately is from a boutique called jade (i seriously need to get another nice belt)

sorry that these aren't very nice pictures...i'm thinking about doing an outdoor photoshoot with them and other outfits for an upcoming post.

the belt slipped a little here, and the dress is a little frumped because the photos were taken after the wild dance XD

mkay so this one, sorta reminds me of an aztec peacock :] hah. i love it!

<-- i apologize, my hair and makeup aren't done. it was least on summer terms.

2 books emily is loving -

an amazing memoir...

and a sweet and fun novel...

2 fun things emily did this week -

  1. biked to the library with my neighbor, all very fun until my neighbor's bag of books & movies got a hole and they spilled all over the road, hah. (we found ways to improvise and get them all home.)

  2. as mentioned above, visited the art museum. The exhibit was of the great Mr. Warhol's work and it was incredible. dozens of thousands of people had traveled from all over to view the series because it was rare to have so much of his work in one place. I went in alone, and enjoyed it very much, i liked having a little one on one time with Andy :p. After veiwing all of his stuff, i noticed that there was another floor and so i decided to explore. Upstairs i found rooms of landscape paintings, most pretty drab. The rooms were fairly empty besides a few bored looking security gaurds who paced the floors making sure i didn't stuff a particularly garish abstract into my oversized bag. After that, it was like having a bad taste of undesirable paintings in my mouth, so i returned for one last dose of Warhol's work before leaving.

a fabulous print i bought for my wall...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


guess what? obama is currently speaking in my hometown. yes, i live in Grand Rapids, MI, and he is speaking live at our Van Andel Arena, along with his endorsement, John Edwards. oh, how i wish i could have gone, (it was free too!) but taking off school to wait outside in the rain from eight o'clock this morning was completely out of the question according to my parents. :p so instead, i'm watching it on the telly. My mom mentioned that my (republican) aunt forwarded her this gossipy e-mail about obama, you know the whole "terrorist" crap and what not; i love my aunt, but i'm deeply offended that she would ever do such a thing, i thought she was smarter than that, adsklfjdsklfjdskl <--my pissyness. whatever, she can deal with it when he becomes America's next president!

i think that obama's election could be a major progression in united state's politics. This prejudice bull needs to end if people ever want our country to go anywhere, i mean it's the 21st century, ARGH.

p.s. he is talking about getting out of iraq, and ending the genocide in Darfur. it makes me want to cry (happy tears of course :] ) i just hope he can stick to his word.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

first official post!

i'll walk you through what will be the main setup of most of my postings...

  1. if walls could talk...{talk of my superrduperr life}
  2. playlist{new artists/songs on my ipod}
  3. agapitos{ie greek for *favorite* -self explanatory from there}
  4. rave{fashion, style, clothing, ect.}

If walls could talk...

they'd be raving about our end of the year celebration. {we can't call it graduation because technicly not everyone graduated :p} i swear that what to wear is on every girl's lips. i know my dress will be quite different than everbody elses {i learned that a lot are wearing those tacky polka-dot or swirly design ones from-or reminicent of-kohls, can you say "ewww!"} but i don't have a problem with that. you can see it on the polyvore below.

this week i've discovered-
*owl city!!(my current favorite)

The Friday Night Boys
check 'em out!

Agapitos: Site of the week:

pros: can you say adorable? Cons: the wallets desined by their artists are my favorite, and the price isn't outrageous, but $20 dollars for a thin folded thing that will be hidden in your bag or pocket 95% of the time? i dont know about that...

This weeks feature: the graphic t-shirt

i'm coveting the "after the rain comes a rainbow" one, but i don't wear black...*sigh*what to do?


would you like to lo_ok (<--hah, im dorkishly proud of myself for that) at a few things i ordered for my birthday? The dress in the upper right corner is the one for our end of the year party

{stylefact} i'm pretty much in love with the laguna bootcuts(?) i bought from pacsun, a light and dark wash- i like the light ones the best.

personally my summer style is just going to be carefree - no messing with tights or tippy high heels, i'd rather be in ripped up jeans, tanks, cardigans, and soft dresses, paired with a fabolous pair of aviators and a funky tote. what are your ideas for summer style?

coming awesome style icon, check back soon to find out all about her